Trailing Direct Drill/Multi Seeder
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Williams Seeders

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Williams Seeders are latest technology, Australian made, direct drill seeders. They are Robust, Versatile, Simple, Easy Clean and Easy Adjust.

Williams trailing direct drill/multi seeders are an advancement on traditional cultivation methods. The process minimises tillage, reduces fertiliser needs and maximises seeding strike, looking after your soil. Placing the seed accurately and achieving the right amount of soil cover above the seed for both protection and to provide germinating moisture without burial. Williams Seeders have been designed to meet a wide range of cropping and pasture needs.

Have a look through our range of Direct Drill Seeders. Please contact us with any questions you might have.


In June 2011 Tony Williams Machinery purchased the Vari Drive box business from Active Industries. This device allows you to control the speed of seed and fertilizer metering on planting equipment. See our Vari Drive box.